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The Traveler’s Guide to Drawing the Extraordinary Creatures of the Universe
volume I: Aetherin

Artists of the universe, do you find yourself at a loss when vacaying across the galaxy? Can’t quite capture the most camera-shy of creatures? Have you lost more than one limb whilst trying to take a picture of the photo-sensitive Forty-Tentacled Wormgurbler of Zenith 5? Don’t get a lawyer, get The Traveler’s Guide to Drawing the Extraordinary Creatures of the Universe Volume I: Aetherin.

Quoted by the A.I.M.A.C (Association of Intergalactic Museum of Art Curators) as "the third best way to prove to your friends about where you have been,” The Traveler’s guide teaches you how to document the creatures of the universe WITHOUT a camera–because most things bite before the flash is up. 


Volume I: Aetherin of The Traveler’s Guide series, takes artists on a journey to the wild and volatile planet of Aetherin. Chronicled by the dashing and mysterious artist known only as The Traveler, the illustrations are paired with journal entries describing the Do’s and Don’ts on navigating this dangerous planet–all so you can live to draw another day. 

The Traveler’s Guide is a unique spin on the classic how-to-draw art book. Artists will learn Mike Butkus’ step-by-step process on drawing alien creatures, vehicles, and environments from the imagination as well as industry techniques he’s developed over the last 30 years. The book will also explore Mike’s tools of the trade such as acrylics, gouache, watercolor, markers, pencil, and ink. Written by the talented Amelie Butkus, The Traveler’s rich and wonderful storyline will both immerse and inform artists as they learn to draw from the imagination.


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